When was the last time you looked on your porch and thought, I really should get a new sofa out here? But what do you do with the old one? Simple, the furniture removal experts at CHP Services can help! We are a full service junk removal, yard cleanup and hauling service.

Furniture and More

In all seriousness, CHP is one of the most trusted junk removal companies in the Baltimore area. We have over fifteen years of experience in hauling away junk, unwanted furniture, appliances and much more. Let’s say you have a sectional sofa that weighs the same as a 1974 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser station wagon; in fact, it may be about as old. You have tried many times, unsuccessfully, to unload it and nobody will even take it for free. Short of putting it on the curb and risking a ticket, the best course of action is to call the removal experts at CHP services. We will haul away your “vintage” furniture, leaving room for the shiny new leather sofa of your dreams.

There’s More!

Not only do we haul away couches, tables, recliners, ottomans, (is it ottomen if there are two?) studio couches and even big, heavy china cabinets. Simply show us where the offending furniture is and we will make it disappear. The beauty is there’s no need to try and get rid of the furniture on your own! Let CHP do it!

We Care

At CHP our number one concern is our customers and we do every job to the best of our abilities in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We make sure you are satisfied with every job we perform. Please take a moment to look over our other services and we are sure you will see that CHP is a homeowner’s most valued connection! Contact us today and make your old furniture disappear!