If you have a yard, you may know what a pain it is to get rid of excess yard waste, particularly for the really big jobs. At CHP Services we are your local yard waste, landscaping and debris removal company. We are based out of Glen Burnie, Maryland and have been serving Baltimore City/County, Anne Arundel, and Prince George’s counties for more than 15 years. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and being receptive to their needs, first and foremost.

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Yard Debris

If you have ever tackled a weekend project that might have been a bit more than you expected. Regardless of the best intentions, most home projects turn into a much larger deal, particularly outdoors. It is a necessity for a homeowner who wants to have a visually appealing home, to maintain the yard at regular intervals. Simply mowing the lawn can generate a good amount of waste over time while trimming trees and bushes can leave piles of sticks and leaves that can be difficult to remove. This is where the experts at CHP Services are here to help, we are only a call away and can have your yard waste gone as soon as possible.


We all know the potential for storms in our area, can be a constant headache for the homeowner. From ice storms in the winter to thunderstorms in the summer and backed by powerful winds all year long, the seasons can really do a number on your trees and create large amounts of yard waste. Post-storm cleanup is one of our specialties at CHP Services and we are ready to help when you need it!

Landscaping Waste

Redoing your flowerbeds this Spring? How about getting the garden cleaned up for winter? Regardless of the time of year, landscaping projects generally generate a large amount of waste. At CHP Services, we are able to haul away your landscaping waste, be it 500 pounds of rock or an overgrown Juniper bush, we can get rid of it.